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Our Strategy Session for Wandering Aimfully: The Show (YouTube + Podcast Plans)

Our Strategy Session for Wandering Aimfully: The Show (YouTube + Podcast Plans)


How do you balance trying to be unique but also creating a podcast or video show that's sustainable for your schedule?

We pulled up our stools, grabbed two individual microphones, setup three cameras, and recorded our meeting about our upcoming weekly show called...you guessed it...Wandering Aimfully. 

Maybe you've also been thinking about creating a podcast but wondering how it can stand out in the crowded podcast landscape that exists today? We explore that same thought while also breaking down the exact plans for our future podcast. I also took a crack at editing this normally unedited meeting to reflect how our show might look. Would love to know what you think?


our show starts with youtube

First and foremost, we're thinking about our show as a video production. While we may get more listeners on the podcast (since podcasts are super accessible these days and easier to watch than a long video), the video portion is the most complex part and we'll simply strip the audio from the video to create each podcast episode. 

We've been inspired greatly by Matt D'Avella and the level of quality he creates with his guests on The Ground Up Show (fun fact: my interview with Matt will air in a few weeks!). Our mission is to eventually get our show to the same visual quality, but hopefully find our own differentiating elements to make sure Wandering Aimfully feels unique. 


The structure of the show

This is the vegan-meat and potatoes of the meeting we recorded (below). We go over how we're organizing each episode, what the episode topics will be, how we can create some silly recurring segments, and then a few ideas to entice listenership and reviews.

If you're curious how we plan to launch the show, we touch on that in the meeting as well as creating an ongoing recording/editing/publishing schedule.


The technical side of things

After recording the meeting (below) I found this question from Michael waiting for us on another recent meeting video:

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 12.12.16 PM.png

Oops! We totally forgot to mention the tech side of things in the meeting. Welp, through the magic of my keyboard, I can fix that problem now...

Audio equipment we'll be using:

Video equipment we'll be using:

Editing equipment I'll be using:

Editing process (quick overview):

  • Add all footage and audio to individual episode folder on external hard drive
  • Import footage into FCPX new event and project (from external hard drive)
  • Sync wide shot footage and audio in FCPX as one clip
  • Overlap close-up shots on top of audio-synced wide shot
  • Edit, edit, and edit some more! (Including extra 15-second clips for Instagram)
  • Export and upload to YouTube
  • Detach audio, export, and upload to Simplecast
  • If it's of any interest to you, I'll probably write a full article on the editing process (and file management). Yay or nay? 

And last but not least, we're looking at Simplecast as our podcasting host of choice. I've been a SoundCloud user for years, but it wasn't built for podcast hosting and I'm ready for a change! I've heard great things about Simplecast and they've been super quick to answer all my early questions (plus their embedded podcast player looks gooood!). 

Without further ado, listen to our edited meeting as we go into detail about Wandering Aimfully: The Show.

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