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Business Part 3: Creating A Product Your Customers Will Be Glad To Pay For

Business Part 3: Creating A Product Your Customers Will Be Glad To Pay For


Another week, another completely unedited meeting for your viewing pleasure!

This week we sat down to talk about the product/business model of Wandering Aimfully (jury’s still out on which terminology we’re agreeing upon if you watch the video below!😂).

Like any discussion regarding the business plan and the thing you’re going to sell to your customers, there are going to be differing ideas and opinions. While we’ve had multiple conversations about the Wandering Aimfully monthly membership we plan to sell, this was the first time we sat down to list everything out and get a bit more specific on what that would entail. We told you guys we were pulling back all the curtains, so we hope you don’t mind seeing how these meetings can actually go... 😬😬😬 Watch below to see what we mean!

We’re viewing the Wandering Aimfully monthly membership like a software product

I’ve been a part of building a few software products over the years, so I’m very familiar with the ever-evolving process of solving a clear problem for customers and creating something that someone will actually enjoy paying for each month. We realized that is exactly what we want for the Wandering Aimfully monthly membership. That's why we've started viewing this monthly membership like a software product. 

This isn’t just another digital library of goodies

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with creating a digital library, especially when the stuff contained within it is valuable. This is exactly what we did with BuyOurFuture. We had a well-designed dashboard that housed our courses, software products, books, guides, workshops, and more.

But, much like an actual library, we realized that you (the user) have to put forth the effort to find exactly what you’re looking for. The library doesn’t do the work for you and it certainly doesn’t make recommendations.

With the new Wandering Aimfully, we want to change that.

Here's what our BuyOurFuture "library" used to look like:


We want the Wandering Aimfully customer dashboard to do a few things:

  • Allow you to search by keyword through all our courses, software products, guides, articles (on the Wandering Aimfully site or past JasonDoesStuff and Made Vibrant sites), and even other members (all in one search)
  • Allow you to write your own personal goal and have that goal clearly visible every time you login
  • Allow you to search other community members based on their interests, location, etc (while also letting people have private/public profiles)
  • Allow you to view interactive roadmaps that walk you step-by-step through a topic with bite-size actions you can take and mark as complete (Example: "Start a podcast" with every step you'd need to take to make that happen)
  • Allow you to pick and choose the items you’re most interested in by saving them to your unique, custom dashboard page

And all of that is just the beginning. We know the entire Wandering Aimfully customer dashboard experience will evolve, add features, and continue to act like a software product moving forward. 

Our goal is to improve upon the typical "content membership" by actually offering something that goes beyond information; we want to give members clarity. A clear way forward to achieve their unique goals. That's what we hope the dashboard features will do for our members.

We want the customer experience to feel thoughtful and unique

There’s a lot you can do with great design and solid copywriting to make someone feel like they’re getting more than they expected. We definitely plan to spend copious amounts of time on design and copy. But we also want to go a few steps further.

Actual mail! Yep, we want to send something in the mail to our customers and not just a one-time handwritten note. We’re thinking about sending mail quarterly, or based on how long someone’s been a member. (Fun fact about me: Sending people curated packages in the mail is one of my favorite things of all time!)

Community manager: This person doesn’t exist yet, but they’re someone we know we want to bring on board sooner rather than later. This person would be able to fill the gaps when we’re stuck in creation-mode or if someone just wants extra accountability for whatever they’re working on. There are so many things we want to do for our customers, but we are also realistic about our limited time as two people. We know we’ll benefit from an extra set of hands, eyes, and ears! 

Embracing our quirks: You can’t really quantify this or write out a specific plan of action for it, but we know we want to keep our uniqueness at the forefront of everything we do. We believe what makes us unique is our focus on business AND life together, as well as the humor and fun we bring to the creation process (AKA: work). We’re not the only kids on the block selling a monthly membership product to creative entrepreneurs, so embracing who we are will always be an important differentiator.

Creating a product customers will be glad to pay for

We want our customers to enjoy paying for their membership, and heck, maybe even look forward to paying for it.

The online business space is full of churn. It’s full of business owners who just want to convert leads into customers and repeat that process until their bank account is overflowing. And while we love the opportunities money brings us, we care more about creating a memorable and helpful experience for customers.

You may have heard me say it a few times now, but this is a huge goal for me with Wandering Aimfully:

I want our customers to look forward to paying us.

This is no small feat and it won’t happen right out of the gates. But if we can accomplish some of our goals and continue to be open to change and iteration by listening to our customers, we know we’ll be on the right track!

If you too are working on solidifying your product or service or business model (whatever the heck we're calling it), ask yourself these questions:

  • How will I make my product or service different from something similar in the marketplace? 
  • What can I do that's unexpected that might delight my customer?
  • What aspects of the product do I believe are crucial to the experience and how can I invest resources in making those aspects amazing?
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