Wandering Aimfully has officially LAUNCHED! 🚀 👫 🎉 


For the past five months we've been building an online community and monthly membership for creative entrepreneurs who are equally interested in earning a sustainable income AND crafting an authentic, fulfilling life. 

👉🏻 See what we've built at WanderingAimfully.com

On this site, we've shared every step of the journey in the hope that you might get value from everything we're thinking about and every challenge we've faced. Eventually we'll be taking this site down and moving the content over to one MASSIVE recap post. For now, enjoy it here!

He's Jason

I'm Jason Zook, a rebellious serial entrepreneur obsessed with doing things differently.

She's caroline

I'm Caroline Zook, an intuitive artist obsessed with helping people live authentically.

Oh yeah, we're married too, or whatever.


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